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BMP2-Mediated Silica Deposition: An Effective Strategy for Bone Mineralization

Ki, Mi-RanKim, Sung HoNguyen, Thi Khoa MySon, Ryeo GangJun, Sang HoPack, Seung Pil
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American Chemical Society
BMP2; bioinspired silicification; silica hybrid; bone scaffold; bone regeneration
ACS Biomaterial Science and Engineering
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ACS Biomaterial Science and Engineering
The combined use of an osteogenic factor, such as bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2), with a bone scaffold was quite functional for the reconstruction of bone defects. Although many studies using BMP2 have been done, there is still a need to develop an efficient way to apply BMP2 in the bone scaffold. Here, we reported an interesting fact that BMP2 has a silica deposition ability in the presence of silicic acid and proposed that such an ability of BMP2 can effectively immobilize and transport itself by a kind of coprecipitation of BMP2 with a silica matrix. The presence of BMP2 in the resulting silica was proved by SEM and EDS and was visualized by FITC-labeled BMP2. The delivery efficacy of BMP2 of silica-entrapped BMP2 on osteoblast differentiation and mineralization using MC3T3 E1 preosteoblast cells was evaluated in vitro. The coprecipitated BMP2 with silica exhibited osteogenesis at a low concentration that was insufficient to give an osteoinductive signal as the free form. Expectedly, the silica-entrapped BMP2 exhibited thermal stability over free BMP2. When applied to bone graft substitution, e.g., hydroxyapatite granules (HA), silica-entrapped BMP 2 laden HA (BMP2@Si/HA) showed sustained BMP2 release, whereas free BMP2 adsorbed HA by a simple dipping method (BMP2/HA) displayed a burst release of BMP2 at an initial time. In the rat critical-size calvarial defect model, BMP2@Si/HA showed better bone regeneration than BMP2/HA by about 10%. The BMP2/ silica hybrid deposited on a carrier surface via BMP2-mediated silica precipitation demonstrated an increase in the loading efficiency, a decrease in the burst release of BMP2, and an increase in bone regeneration. Taken together, the coprecipitated BMP2 with a silica matrix has the advantages of not only being able to immobilize BMP2 efficiently without compromising its function but also serving as a stable carrier for BMP2 delivery.
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