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  • ACS Synthetic Biology is a monthly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to research in synthetic biology and biological systems. Led by Editor-in-Chief Christopher A. Voigt of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the journal publishes high-quality research that demonstrate integrative, molecular approaches enabling better understanding of the organization and function of cells, tissues, and organisms in systems. The journal is particularly interested in studies on the design and synthesis of new genetic circuits and gene products; computational methods in the design of systems; and integrative applied approaches to understanding disease and metabolism. Topics may include, but are not limited to: /// Design and optimization of genetic systems /// Genetic circuit design and their principles for their organization into programs /// Computational methods to aid the design of genetic systems /// Experimental methods to quantify genetic parts, circuits, and metabolic fluxes /// Genetic parts libraries: their creation, analysis, and ontological representation /// Protein engineering including computational design /// Metabolic engineering and cellular manufacturing, including biomass conversion /// Natural product access, engineering, and production /// Creative and innovative applications of cellular programming /// Medical applications, tissue engineering, and the programming of therapeutic cells /// Minimal cell design and construction /// Genomics and genome replacement strategies /// Viral engineering /// Automated and robotic assembly platforms for synthetic biology /// DNA synthesis methodologies /// Metagenomics and synthetic metagenomic analysis /// Bioinformatics applied to gene discovery, chemoinformatics, and pathway construction /// Gene optimization /// Methods for genome-scale measurements of transcription and metabolomics /// Systems biology and methods to integrate multiple data sources /// in vitro and cell-free synthetic biology and molecular programming /// Nucleic acid engineering

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